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Kilim rugs is a tapestry rug woven from fairly harsh, thick wool. Kilim artistry is high compared to the price and there is a fantastic variety of Kilim designs. The best prices for kilims are often in long narrow strips rather than room size kilims. As a flatweave kilims are arguably not as practical as some other rugs and have a tendency to pucker up.

Kilim rugs are made by nomadic peoples in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Russia, China, Pakistan, India and Morocco. Kilims were originally intended as a pliable warm carpet that could be placed on a sandy desert floor and easily packed on a came or horse. Kilim designs represent different tribes and regions. Kurdish kilims are brighter, sometimes mixed with embroidery, and generally cheaper. Turkish kilims feature Mediterranean colors of gold orange and turquoise. Iranian kilims are grounded in burgundy, rust, heavy blues and heavy greens.

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When choosing a Peel 100% wool rug, you'll find that depth of design and quality are foremost in every rug we produce-because a Peel quality assurance director has worked beside the master dyers and weavers who made it; ensuring wool quality; monitoring dye colors; guaranteeing meticulous design integrity; overseeing the finest detail.